How the Republicans Will Save America

The country is in deep shit. We need both political parties to somehow rediscover their ideological roots.

Remember when Democrats were not afraid of espousing progressive politics? Remember when its leadership was high-minded, driven by principles of egalitarianism and social justice? It may not wash with Hillary Clinton, who is busy whoring herself to red-state public opinion in a misguided bid to become president; but it sure would be refreshing to hear the values of liberalism heard once more. Not that the lily-livered democrats could effectively alter the appalling course on which the country finds itself – “effective” hasn’t been in their bag-of-tricks since the Big Dog left the White House. I would be happy if they were simply able to develop a meaningful position on the issues once in a while, and state it with conviction. Carpe Diem is out of the question for these losers, but it would be helpful if they could at least carp coherently. You would think that would be the minimum responsibility of the party in opposition.

Our only hope now lies with the Republicans. How scary is that!

The party of privilege must come to see that its sycophantic support for its president is a complete betrayal of the few ideals they can articulate with a straight face outside of private conversations at the yacht club: fiscal responsibility and libertarianism. The fate of the nation depends on the Republicans saying, “This Bush fellow spends money like a drunken sailor on shore leave” and asking, “Where do these self-righteous Christians get off telling folks how they can and cannot live in a pluralistic society founded on the idea of personal liberty?”

American politicians are afraid to lead the country. They feel safer following well-polled public opinion. The bummer is, most Americans are not conversant in the issues, in history, in what’s going on in the rest of the world, in economics, or in the workings of government. Most do not bother to acquire the basic information and conceptual understanding to formulate an opinion that is worth a damn. While almost all matters of political consequence can be fairly and intelligently debated, and reasonable people can and will disagree, that process rarely occurs in this country. Americans generally hold rigid, ignorant opinions; and then we scream them at each other.

Having successfully tapped into the majority of uninformed, unintelligent political opinion in this country, one might expect the Republicans to simply ride this train as far as it will take them. But sooner or later, something will have to give, and I’m betting on the Republicans to see that their long-term electoral health will entail ditching the idiot they have installed in the White House. The Democrats should theoretically be miles ahead of them in this regard, since they already loathe Mr. Bush. But, sadly, we cannot rely on the eunuchs of our representative democracy to do much of anything.


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