Images of Khartoum

Blue Nile Samah

Souk Omdurman Souk Omdurman


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  1. 1 mbjesq 9 May 2012 at 10:52 pm

    The beautiful young woman in the second photo, Samah Suliman, was a friend I met on the plane from Dubai to Khartoum, and instantly came to love. At the time, Sam was working for Goldman Sachs in London. She was on her way home to Sudan to spend time with her parents, both doctors in the capital city, and attend the wedding of her cousin. Naturally, Yoo-Mi and I were invited to the wedding celebration, an offer we could not refuse.

    When our travel permits for Darfur came-through, we left Khartoum and never saw Sam again. Sam and I emailed a few times over the next year-or-so, promising to keep in touch, hoping that our paths would cross again someday. At some point, my emails to her Goldman address began to bounce back; and I assumed she had changed jobs without giving me her new email address.

    I’ve tried to get in touch with Sam a number of times in more recent years, all without success. When she came to mind tonight, I googled her, to see if I might find better contact information for her. Instead, I found this horrific news story of her July 2007 death.

    You may notice the photograph in the Daily Mail Articles. It is cropped from the one I took of Sam and her mother, Hayad Abdalla, in November of 2005, just before we left Khartoum, posted in the entry, above, all those years ago. Bucks Free Press used the whole photo in its story, as did the Haringly Independant. I believe the press obtained the photo when it was presented at the trial of the driver, along with the family’s “impact statement”. In this terribly sad event, it brings me a little happiness that someone decided that the way the world should get to know Sam was, in part, through the image of her easy-going grace that I was fortunate enough to capture.


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