Man-O-Man Sings the Praises of Friends Without Borders


The day after Friends Without Borders carried its first delivery of mail across the Wagah frontier from India into Pakistan, the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh, issued a press release, congratulating the children of Pakistan and India for leading the way to a more peaceful world by participating in this special friendship project.

Here is the text of his press release:


The Prime Minister has commended the ongoing effort to encourage children from India and Pakistan to write letters of friendship to each other, which is being organized by The first set of such letters was carried to Pakistan on March 24.

Dr Singh said, “This is a beautiful event, being led by the children of both countries. It has very positive ramifications for the future of both nations, once this generation of children grows up and takes on the reins of leadership.”

While thanking the organizers, the Prime Minister also saluted the children of India who have written heartfelt letters of friendship, and encouraged more children to join this movement.

March 25, 2006
New Delhi

In case you hadn’t noticed, this project is rocking the sub-continent!


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