Better Days

MBJ Apendix, inflamed, un-needed, unwanted, unloved

People have been writing to inquire about my appendectomy so, for sake of efficiency, I’ll answer one-and-all here.

One day it was intermittent cramps, which I took to be an amoeba and mostly tried to ignore, the next it was hard-core and focused in the lower right quadrant, which I correctly surmised was acute appendicitis. The good thing about guessing right is that you arrive at the hospital carrying your laptop, shorts, favorite t-shirt, and toothbrush.

The persistent pain set in around noon, and I was vomitting by 2:00 pm. We had a friends Without Borders press conference at 3:00 pm, which I begged off to rest. After an hour of bitterly unrestful rest, I somehow got myself dressed and on my way to the hospital.

There was a good hospital near here, so I opted not to trek across town to Apollo. As it was, getting there was a long and excruciating ordeal — a story I’ll save for another time.

My surgeon, Randeep Wadhawan, seemed extremely proficient and is a good guy as well. The other doctors and hospital staff were also kind and well-skilled; and I am pleased to dispell rumors that all the cute Malayali nurses are working in Dubai.

I’m hoping to be comfortable in a couple more days. Right now, the misery index is a little too high. But I’m in vastly better shape then when my auto driver hauled my ass into the emergency room. I only wish the pain-killers they prescribe when you leave the hospital were as effective as those given there.

Still, have laptop will serve. So I have been plugging away on work for Friends Without Borders, Sierra Molecular, and preventing an impending environmental disaster in Pondicherry when I feel up to it.

1 Response to “Better Days”

  1. 1 Kendall Mau 26 February 2007 at 11:36 pm

    Mark, please take care of yourself. Here I thought you had made it down to one of the fabulous private clinics or hospitals that have been featured on 60-minutes, with recuperation at a famous resort. Kendall

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