Holding the Line Against Filial Hair Removal

hairy mess

Years ago, my sister was a member of the shaggy armpit club. It was not a look my mother particularly favored. Sometime after college and a stint in the Peace Corps, my sister shaved her pits and memorialized the occasion with a framed photograph as a Mother’s Day present.

My mom thinks it is about time for me to prove my filial piety in the same manner. It’s her last day in Paris, and she says that nothing would give her more Parisian pleasure than to find a salon with aestheticians brave enough to touch my hair. Or, more precisely, to cut it.

Will I give her the satisfaction she craves? Or will I continue to prove myself a rotten and unworthy son? Bet on the latter.


2 Responses to “Holding the Line Against Filial Hair Removal”

  1. 1 millyonair 24 September 2007 at 8:43 am

    Ha ha! Buy her some flowers and give her a hug. Moms spend so many dedicated years trying to make sure their children are tidy-looking and fresh-smelling, that it becomes an unbreakable habit, I think. Plus, they probably can’t stand to see all their efforts disintegrate when their children reach adulthood. Some months ago, my own mother lovingly advised me that I should reconsider shampoo (the use of which I had abandoned).

  2. 2 Kendall Mau 28 September 2007 at 4:41 pm

    Melvia said to me – he looks different from the last time we saw him in June. I said – maybe he’s put on some weight. Could it have been your hair????? It was great to see you in Paris. Strasbourg was out of this world. I even got to Mulhouse to see 3 of the 6 Bugatti Royals in the world. That makes 5 I’ve seen in person. One more to go, but don’t know where it is. Enjoy the rest of your stay. Kendall

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