Vancouver under the Hunter’s Moon

Vancouver under the Hunter's Moon

Last night, as the Hunter’s Moon rose over the Vancouver, we went for a bike ride along the water.

The skies were clear and windless as the sun cast its last light onto the mountains and the moon reared-up over the city. Night fell with remarkable serenity, particularly considering the vivid edge lent by the winter-like temperature. Once aloft, the moon was an absolute beacon. Its light was our only illumination as we returned home through bikepaths and parks that trace the shoreline.

Just another magical night in Vancouver.

Vancouver under the Hunter's Moon

Vancouver under the Hunter's Moon

For Jayesh-bhai, with whom I speak on every full moon when I am in India.

2 Responses to “Vancouver under the Hunter’s Moon”

  1. 1 the7new7ramanujan 31 October 2007 at 10:16 am

    a little request, lover and well-wisher of India,
    please stay within ur blog when criticizing india, dont go commenting in other blogs, it may not be likeable. i reckon u smart enough 2 catch what the hell i am blah-blah-ing about.
    got it ? ………. good boy.

    p.s. ah yes, ur THIS article doesn’t need any comments, by the way.

  2. 2 mbjesq 31 October 2007 at 1:05 pm


    Are you also a lover and well-wisher of India? Or are you simply a mindless jingoist?

    Anyone who truly cared about the place would welcome thoughtful criticism, since recognition of the problems is the essential starting-point to solving them.

    To pretend that India has no problems warranting criticism — i.e, corruption, man-made environmental disasters, public hygiene, lack of far-sighted urban planning, casteism, communalism, high infant mortality, shortage of clean water… should I go on? — is to consign India to second-rate status when she clearly has world-beating, first-rate potential. To put one’s head in the sand about a place they love is to be complicit in its problems.

    I challenge you to declare yourself, one way or the other. Do you wish to be a blinkered, prideful flag-waver or do you want to be a thoughtful patriot? The later requires accepting — and speaking about — India’s ills as well as her glories.



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