And You Think America Has Problems

CBC Hockey Night in Canada Logo

Sure, America is facing international isolation, an economic recession, a declining dollar, a crumbling infrastructure, incessant constitutional crises, a military stretched too thin to advance its objectives or act as a deterrent to the whims of rogue states, and Hillary Clinton. But that ain’t shit compared to what’s hitting the fan in Canada!

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation looks to be abandoning the theme song to Hockey Night in Canada, after declining to pay the license fee demanded by the copyright holder. Canadians are duly outraged.

Click here to Play Hockey Night in Canada Theme Song Click Button to Play th HNIC Theme Song!

The CBC website has been deluged with angry commentary, and CBC One radio broadcast a special half-hour feature on the controversy this morning. Several listeners who called-in to the CBC One show called the tune “Canada’s second national anthem” and one woman reported using it as the processional for her wedding ceremony.

If this were France, the whole country would be on strike. The cheese would also be better, but that’s another story.


Here’s the Colbert Report appropriation of the Hockey Night in Canada theme song.

2 Responses to “And You Think America Has Problems”

  1. 1 thatswrongnate 13 June 2008 at 5:41 pm

    stephen colbert licensed the song for an episode and decided he would play it while doing “american” things. so, he cued the music, and waved a tiny american flag around whilst shoving a hotdog into his mouth. hilarious!
    and now i hear CTV/TSN have bought the song in perpetuity, so there’s no chance HNIC will ever have that wonderful theme again.
    that ain’t right.

  2. 2 mbjesq 13 June 2008 at 7:24 pm

    I’ve imbedded the Colbert Report appropriation of the Hockey Night in Canada theme song, above. Thanks to Nate for flagging this!

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