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Brave New World Cup

World Cup Upsets

It all began with what seemed an amusing, head scratching, eyebrow raising fluke. North Korea nicked a goal off Brazil and shipped only two, as the team ranked first in all-the-world barely scraped by the team ranked No. 105. (This ranking includes only national teams. It would be exponentially lower if it included pub sides and teams in pick-up games.) The next day, a talentless, ambitionless Swiss side shut-out tournament favorites Spain 1 – 0. Soon all-hell was breaking loose.

Greece won a football match — against Nigeria, no less. Serbia beat Germany. Tiny Slovenia rode its luck to draw a very good American squad. Camaroon went down with nary a peep to Denmark — which was only a fraction as embarrassing as Ghana drawing with the Australians and, in the process, defying a long-established international tradition by letting the Shielaroos score a goal.

Then, just this morning, the New Zealand All Whites, who had already taken a surprise point from Slovakia, held cup holders Italy to a 1 – 1 draw.

And I’m not even mentioning the fact that England and France are winless, which are not really surprises. Only Englishmen think their team is not crap; and not even the French are deluded about Les Blues Calamiteux.

What’s going on in this World Cup?

“Global warming,” suggests Yoo-Mi.


Blasts from the Past

... because the idiocy of manliness is an evergreen topic.


... because Canada and the US will celebrate their Thanksgiving holidays and, regrettably and preventably, not 1-cook-in-10 will serve a decent turkey.


... because everyday is Mother's Day.


... because the American Dream seems but a distant memory, given the country's dominant ethos of small-mindedness.


... to remind us that not every mix of Tibetans and Western spiritual seekers has to be nauseating.


... to celebrate the new edition of Infinite Vision published in India.


... reprised because military strategy seems more cruel and less effective than ever -- and certainly there is a better way.


... because cars are ruining Pondicherry, where I live. How badly are they fucking up your Indian town?


... reprinted because more-and-more people seem want to understand the gift economy. (Yeah!)

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