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Obama Fails a “Test of Character”

Professor Samantha Power

There is rarely a shortage of things to get depressed about in American politics, but today I feel especially low. Samantha Power, who had been an advisor to Barak Obama on foreign policy issues, resigned from his campaign following a remark to a journalist that Hillary Clinton is “a monster,” referring to the Clinton campaign’s incessant smears of Obama. Professor Power is one of the bright young voices of foreign policy, and her work has focused on the ethical dimension of foreign interventions. Her book, Problem From Hell: America and the Age of Genocide, won a 2003 Pulitzer Prize. To see her depart from the Obama camp, over something so stupid, is disheartening.

When her remark was published, the Clinton campaign immediately called for Professor Power’s head. They were shocked (SHOCKED!) and outraged (OUTRAGED!) at such callous name calling. Ms. Clinton’s surrogates demanded that Mr. Obama sack her. The outcry of Representative Nita Lowey of New York was typical: “We’re here today to ask Senator Obama to ask Samantha Power not to be part of his campaign. It’s really a test for Obama, a test of character.”

It was indeed a test of character; and Mr. Obama failed it. He accepted Professor Power’s resignation, giving credibility to the foolishness of the feigned insult and losing an amazing advisor in the process.

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